Representational images: A look at the 'best' pictures of this sort that Indian publications use and reuse

The concept of a representational image is an interesting one. As news publications push out a staggering amount of news with an ever-decreasing staff, 'editorial discretion' in some stories goes, well, missing.

And nowhere is this lack of editorial discretion visible more than in the selection of representational images. Used when an actual image of the incident is unavailable, these are somewhat related images which add a visual element to the page. While some publications take time to select these, some seem to throw in the first Google image result they see.

As believers in a strong and intelligent media, we have taken the responsibility of going through a bajillion stories to find the best of the best, the shining beacons of journalism, the very peaks of editorial intelligence in Indian media.

It seems appropriate to start with the newspaper with the highest readershipThe Times of India. A large readership brings with it the necessity of a large number of news stories. Which at least is the excuse those at the paper will give for the following images.

Remember the time when you had do online fraud activities and you dressed up with a tie and mask to get ready. You were so sure no one would catch you.

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