Gujarat Assembly Election Results: Major English dailies note BJP victory, but see verdict as morale boost for Congress

The Assembly elections was the subject of much media speculation but the big dailies had to wait till Tuesday to have their say on the results. With the eyes of the entire nation on the Gujarat Assembly Election, the BJP pulled out a narrow victory over a resurgent Congress. In the end, the party achieved a simple majority in the state Assembly on Monday, grabbing a sixth straight term in office while preventing Congress of making a comeback in the state. The BJP clinched 99 seats out of 182, while the Congress improved its tally as compared to five years ago, winning 77 seats. Smaller parties and Independent candidates clinched six seats.

The election was the subject of much media speculation and every outlet worth its salt came out with its analysis and coverage of it as soon as it could. The big dailies however had to wait till Tuesday to have their say on the results.

The largest English daily, The Times of India ran with BJP hits 6, but stalls at 99 in Guj. Under a Team TOI byline, the article laid out the results noting that the win left BJP one short of the Left's seven-term record in West Bengal. It however gave prominent space to the Congress' surge and the efforts made by its president Rahul Gandhi and this temple runs. Himachal Pradesh too received coverage but it was clear that the Gujarat election was the big one. Interesting, both the chief ministerial candidates in Himachal Pradesh managed to land up in the "Losers" column in the paper.

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